Friday, March 2, 2012

Live Show Booked, Confirmed via Internet

In less than one months time, us Muscular Christians are playing the Parkside Lounge, on Sat March 31st at 11pm. Don't believe me? Feel free to confirm that shit independently by checking the Parkside website. (Rated "R", by the way. It's dangerous.)

While most bands are going for bigger and grander these days, we're looking to go more intimate, more snuggly, and play only the venues that we've previously played at. CBGBs and Knitting Factory have long been out of business....but on a chilly December evening at the Parkside Lounge back in 2007 we played for hours covering every song whose words and chords were able to be vaguely hinted at. Below you will find our rendition of Pussy from that very night. Please note that both and words and chords are performed with exacting precision. (Also check out youtube for Harvey Fierstein from that same show.)

Parkside Lounge -- Saturday, March 31, 2012
317 Houston (Bet Aves B & C)
New York City
11 p.m. -- $5 (Five Dollars)


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