Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tribute Videos

It came as a surprise to me this week when I learned there were more tribute videos to Muscular Christians songs, than actual sanctioned videos made by us. Some shameful shit, to be sure. Especially considering there are only 3 tribute videos, but if you're visiting this random website you're probably a diehard Muscular fan one of our mothers, and you'd surely want your voice heard in the poll on the right side of the page.

"Unanswered Questions"

Shocking -- but they seem to have all the words down, including the tightly choreographed different timings on the chorus for the "Jesse" and "Sam" parts, respectively. What they lack in lighting and camera work, they make up for with a rigorous adherence to the original work. For those of you betting at home, the Over/Under for number of times they'd listened to the song before doing this video is 35.

"doctor phil"

The above image is used over the lyric regarding the good Doctor's granny, whose vaguely referenced illness is of course the whole reason Doctor Phil got himself into this sexy fictional plane ride in the first place. An extensive and exhausting google image search was undertaken to string together this continuous stream of see and say, and thankfully he throws caution to the wind when considering copyright infringement. He obviously knew the Muscular Christians have crappy lawyers. We never sue NOBODY.

And if the tattoo pictured here is located on the ass of the fine young youtuber who made this piece of artistic endeavor, all in reverence to one of our magical songs, then shit man, we'll buy you a beer sometime. Thanks for that. And thanks to your left butt cheek.

"brown babies"
*Please note: actual song title is "Richard's Brown Baby Boy"
I have mixed feelings about this one. You've got to admit it's a beautiful picture containing lots of brown babies, unfortunately it's relevance to this particular song is middling at best. I'm intrigued however about the circumstances concerned with this youtuber getting ahold of what is surely our one and only radio appearance on WFMU back in those scared and paranoid early days of the Patriot Act.

Time to Vote mother-fuckers! Which tribute best exemplifies everything the Muscular Christians stand for? And while you're at it, please let us know what you think it is that we stand for...we need to give our lawyers some direction in regards to who we should sue first.