Thursday, October 25, 2012

One Day, ALL THIS will be the Muscular Christians Songbook

It's amazing to me that we have a fan that I don't know personally. But it's true! I met several at our 2nd to last show.

Not only do they attend under-heralded venues and non-publicized shows, but they request manuscripts of our amazing works past!

This is, by my count, the 4th request for such chord and lyrical documentation work -- and I'm sure there's countless dozens out there that would also benefit from such an endeavor -- so fuck it. It's only been 6 months since that gig at Parkside Lounge --  let's get started on the Muscular Christian Songbook.

Here's the first the virgin album: Dan Marino: Important Message

Been Goin’ Out With You

C          F
Been goin’ out with you
For a year or two
C         F
Don’t really like it
       Am    G
Just say I do

C7         Falt
Been goin’ out with you
C7 Falt
For a year or two
C7              Falt
Don’t really like it
        G     C
Just say I do

CF x 3
Am G


F alt
E | o |---| o | ***
B | o |---|---|
G |---| o |---|
D |---|---| o |

You be gettin’ old
And I be gettin’ too
I don’t really love you just say I do

I never liked your dad
I’m sorry ‘bout your mom
And I don’t give a shit about your job

Been livin’ a lie
So long it’s a sin
Wishing that I didn’t have to pay for everything

With your convoluted ways
And your high-falutin’ schemes
I’m dreading what your planning for my New Years’ Eve

Breaking up is hard
But so is loving you
It’s too bad that I can’t do either of the two

***is there a redundancy here?...yes. but that's just how i fucking finger this chord so i thought i'd be honest.

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