Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where will Itchy and Scratchy Happen This Year?

Before today, I was worried that having a baby daughter would make it impossible to further my various artistic endeavors. I figured there would be no time left over for daydreaming, much less the time to carry out those ideas and produce some actual media content.

Also, I was worried about the old softening of the heart that comes with raising a little bundle of joy, and the subsequent cooling off of any angst, bitterness, or mild oppression that is normally required for my brain to create the mind-blowing type of creative products that I've become known for pasted on this blog.

This morning, in a small way, I may have cleared a mental hurdle. I woke with the idea to create the following video. More importantly, I accomplished the entire thing with a slumbering little girl on my lap (in addition to slumbering, there was a brief period of sharting and shitting (by my daughter, not me) which required a diaper change, which triggered more shitting once she was naked, which then led to a brand new pile of shitted-all-over clothes and towels and changing pad covers. Fatherhood is weird like that.)


also here on youtube!

**please note - that is not me pictured. nor is that my baby. although it definitely would've looked just as nerdy to anyone watching

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