Monday, December 28, 2009

Recipe of the Week: Cold Old Sliced Tomato

We will be kicking off a new podcast in the coming weeks, (tentatively titled: You Downloaded It! (The #1 Rated Podcast on iTunes)) and in our kickoff premiere dry-run there's an exciting new recipe that we simply couldn't wait for Tim to figure out how to upload a simple audio file to tell you about.

While we were off and running with a short junk food section titled, "What junk food does Guy have on his counter right now?"....much to our surprise, it came to light that our friend Guy also stores many fresh foods at the ready in his fridge.

Brussel sprouts? Check. Apples? Check again. Some steak w/ veg that he cooked last night? Not sure if that counts. Tomatoes? Oh fuck yeah bitch!

Which led directly and seamlessly into Guy's recipe of the week: Cold Old Sliced Tomato


Buy fresh, red tomatoes from your local grocer.
Store in fridge for several days, up to 10 days depending on ripeness.
Slice the Tomato pole-to-pole with a dull, unsharp knife

Season to taste with salt

For more recipes that deal with fresh food from the fridges of our closest and dearest friends, stay tuned to this blog and our upcoming podcast: You Downloaded It! (The #1 Rated Podcast on iTunes)

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  1. Good news. Been checking everyday wondering when you would be back. Christmas came a little late this year, but this is great gift. ty ty ty