Monday, June 8, 2009

Woah Dude...Not Cool!

I try hard to not be a huge gaylord who googles himself all day long...and I try even harder to not let revealing information about this practice hit the airwaves...and yet...the following comments have earned a strong rebuke from me in the youtube world. They were made in response to our delightful Terrorist Song video made by someone who goes by the youtube moniker of MUKAVAME :

Some facts:
Zionist Israel is evil 666
Zionist US-PsychoCryptoJews nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki (The holocaust on Japan).
Zionist Israel666 did 9/11 and 7/7 (The holocaust on christian lands).
War On Terror is a war for Israel's SATANIC EMPIRE (The holocaust on islamic lands).
We are ALL paying taxes for Israel's global terrorist war-crimes.
Anti-Zionism isnt Anti-Semitism.
Zionist Israel666 is the scum of the earth & the base of ALL evil.
A bit all over the place, sure...there are some obvious points at which to take exception, and yet it would be a waste of everyone's time to do that in the commenting column.

So...I did the only thing any decent human being would have done. I gave him a stern "thumbs down" on the youtube reply meter. Take that, Mukavame! How's it feel, bitch?! I feel like even writing his name/moniker down only serves to give him more power, but fuck it.

The strangest question I came up with about his/her response was this...Does Mukavame like or hate this song? I could see it argued either way...feel free to participate in our fun time blog poll on right hand column...

By the way, I happen to be as left wing liberal / libertarian as one could be when it comes to blog commenting moderation -- absolutely anything goes. You just have to hope and pray that your art hasn't opened up a portal to all things arYyan** or any other world that's as fucked up as that. What I mean to say is...Whoa dude! Not cool! Maybe lay off the drinking and commenting combination when it's real late at night...cause it's kind of revealing in an embarrassing not so compatible with basic society kind of a way.

If things get so fucked up that you need to pay someone to start monitoring all of the shit that happens in the comments, then you have truly made it. It's almost as awesome as getting sued by the Dire Straits or Biz Markie for ripping off their songs...which, we have not done. Ever.

*Kudos to Weekly In Touch (whatever the fuck that is) who clearly the owns this particularly sweet photo of Mel Gibson. It's not copyright infringement if you link to it!

**Misspelled for google search purposes.

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