Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Hunt for Air & Sea Creatures Begins

When the curiosity bug and penchant for bloody adventure bites us, we always run into the same conundrum -- should we hunt from the air or from the sea? If the rough schematics drawn up below bear fruit, then the multi-venue killing machine we've been looking for may soon be at our fingertips. The next test will be pulling the trigger whilst staring down the barrel at a cute furry aquatic mammal....can you guess the one I have in mind?

All artwork was accomplished by Gabe Gigliotta(sp?), or, it was possibly done by a group of youth-ish art students that he teaches. Either way, this is absolute-fuckingly not public domain, you greedy conniving content thieves! (Do not steal this shit and use it to form your own band named Scuba-Copter. We copyrighted* that shit long ago...and one of us is a lawyer who loves to sue the complete asses off of and/or out of people!! Seriously!!! I fucking mean that shit, yo! okay, not really.)

*We also copyrighted Scuba-Chopper, Sea-Huey, and Deep Sea Death come up with your own multi-purpose vehicle names for lame bands, bitches.

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