Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bad Parents Video and Song, neither of which should have ever happened

This is the kind of post that might get us quickly flagged for indecent material -- and for that I'm scared. I bet you can never get rid of that type of red flag from the google. Raunchy-ness isn't the reason either, not by any means, and it's also not technically unsafe for work -- that said, I wouldn't play it until you've got friends or co-workers around who are clearly and proudly on the darker sense of humor side of things, (not that this is funny, man!) and they should be extraordinarily hard to offend. Way way way worse than teaching your daughter to pole dance or helping your son smoke some this -- the failure to realize that drawing up an ice cold bath in the midst of a house fire is one of the worst ideas ever.

So far the reaction to this piece of artistic endeavor has been disgust. But what are you gonna do? I wrote the thing. I made a video of it. And I was quite proud of it, until I played it for the wife and her only response was a distasteful version of the expression "Hmm..."

Also, my co-creative-collaborator Young Tim Hatch remarked: "Why would anyone want to listen to a song about that?"


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