Monday, February 23, 2009

Person #1 Says: Are The Muscular Christians Still Alive?

Pshaw! I scoff, and in my most serious tone and expression, my standard answer of "we're halfway through recording our next album" convinces no one. I then interject with a "we play at the very least once a year at the Fisher Family Folk Fest." At this point, people either assume I'm lying or making some lame confusing joke that they don't get. Although all statements are technically true (and easily provable with the help of some un-mixed digital files), the truth is...we are just barely breathing....until now, that is.

Welcome to the exciting unveiling of the brand new mildly interesting blog about the brand new mildly interesting lives of the Muscular Christians.

We are counting on this blog to be the spark that launches us back on the track towards relevance. Not that we necessarily strive for relevance, maybe just some simple minded good hearted notice here and there. A shout-out, I guess is what I'm talking about.

The process of googling ourselves has turned up the following shout out of the week. It comes to us from PhamilyJules via his user comments here:

Great stuff. Found the Cancer EP while I was cleaning out my garage. lol

Thank you dearly, Jules. That's just the type of remark that reaffirms our existence in the world. We are currently tied with George Harrison, Ray Charles and Chuck Berry for his 427th favorite musical artists. Relevance may come sooner than we think.

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