Monday, June 30, 2008

Michael Jackson 2019

During the last few days of Michael Jackson's criminal trial I was pretty sure he was going to spend some time behind bars. The song Michael Jackson 2019 is about the day he returns to his California ranch after paying his debt to society. It was recorded at the 2005 Fisher Family Folk Festival in Iowa City. The festival was rained-out that summer and relocated from the Fisher family compound to the clubhouse/bar of a local 9-hole golf course. The sound of bored children and confused audience members is audible in this recording. Also, I fucked up the first line several times before getting it right and I think people were losing patience. Thanks to Bret "Cooter" Lanoue for recording. (note to editor: I received word last night that Cooter was seen yesterday at around 5pm on mushrooms wandering off to go see a San Francisco Giants nightgame all by himself wearing nothing but a T-shirt and shorts. It got down to 51 degrees last night.)

(Ed. Note: Bay area weather conditions are concerning, but confidence remains high that life lessons learned will enable Cooter to seek shelter if need be.)

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