Friday, June 27, 2008

Un-released Non Drug-Having Song

The following number is titled: Johnny Cash Ain't Got No Hash*. It is an exceedingly rare number. It has been, as of yet, unreleased. It is also, perhaps obviously, performed only by me -- in a sort of one-take reckless abandon that would surely have been scorned upon had the recording been overseen by Young Tim Hatch. So it is, therefore, a thoroughly unsanctioned Muscular Christians song.

I'm fairly confident that the intent of the writer here was not to illustrate that Johnny Cash is (or was) hash poor, it's more about his name rhyming with a particularly fun marijuana off-shoot. Not than anybody was going to scour over these lyrics looking for deeper meaning of some kind...but I'm just saying.

Writing credit should be given to Bret "Cooter" Lanoue. In return, I should get proper credit for helping him start all those fires in the high school cafeteria, hallways and bathroom that got him sent away for a little while.


*Written from a Buick 86