Thursday, March 11, 2010

Holy Shit! We Pod-a-ma-casted Again!

It's funny that we claim it's live...cause it took our lazy asses about three months to put it up. In other lazy news...we don't know how to use the internet so the link still goes to something called or some shit. Ugly. Awful. Our hands our tied with ineptitude, if you will.

But whatever. It's funny in the same way that life is short, we're all gonna die (soon!), and there's only so much time left in our pitiful existence to do only so much of a finite amount of shit. We all gots lives to live, right?

But better look out for that third/fifth/tenth week of April 2010...cause more podcast will be....drop-a-macating? Did i do that right?

the link again

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